February 12, 2015
Spotlight on Vaccinations: A GrowBaby Summary

Written By: Dr. Michael Stone and Dr. Leslie Stone

The science is clear—vaccines protect against the vaccinated disease occurrence.

Vaccines have made the vaccine makers billions of dollars, but are thought to have saved hundreds of billions of healthcare use dollars worldwide.

Vaccines have helped prevent the occurrence and spread of millions of deaths from the diseases intended.

Vaccines have a role for both public health and personal health, with public health being the greater focus by policy makers.

Vaccines are not permanent.

Vaccine take, or effectiveness, depends on personal nutrition status, as does disease risk.

Vaccines do have risks, but they are few per 100,000 doses given.

Vaccines do have contraindications-know them. They are not for all ages, all conditions, at all times.

Vaccines do have additives that can cause reactions in certain individuals.

Correlation and Association are not the same as Causation. Therefore, with adverse vaccination occurrence and symptoms you have to pursue root cause.

The prevention of disease is not just about a vaccination preventing a disease. Your individual nutrition status, lifestyle factors including water and air quality, toxin exposure (insecticide-i.e. DDT, heavy metal-i.e. arsenic), food access, and medications all affect your immune response and eventual protection against the infection being prevented.

We encourage vaccinations with a revised and gradual schedule, based on the uniqueness of the individual.

We encourage an informed vaccination policy not based on absolutes, but based on education and discussion. Discuss it with your provider.

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Posted on Feb 12, 2015