December 10, 2014
Make Some Endorphins

There is nothing better than a good cozy up to the one you love. The moment is right, and it's on! Are you ready? Is your body ready? Our goal is to give you small moments that can make a difference in your life. Here is our Wednesday, "Hump Day" Fertility Tip for you all.

How does the saying go? Stress is a b****! Ah! I am not a curser, but unmanaged stress reeks havoc on your body, and more importantly reeks havoc on your hormone cascade, which is essential for a good libido boost. I think often times stress gets a bad rap. Stress is a necessary part of a robust central nervous system. But, stress becomes an issue when your response to it is negative, your feelings and emotions are inappropriate for the circumstances, your response lasts an excessively long time, it's chronic, and your ability to handle it decreases (1).

Chronic stress can cause a multitude of issues: muscle loss, decreased nutrient absorption, decreased oxygenation to the gut, decreased metabolism with 4X less blood flow to the gut, decreased enzyme production--as much as 20,000-fold! There are also a number of important nutrients that are excreted during times of stress: water-soluble vitamins (vitamins B, and C), macro and micro minerals, and calcium (2). So, if all of this imbalance happens with stress, what happens with your hormones?

DHEA is a fat burning, anti-aging, and LIBIDO-BOOSTING hormone. It becomes depleted with ongoing stress. Even if you have balanced fertility health, you're going to need to want to practice with it, right? Get in the mood and manage your stress. Here are ways to do it.

4 Steps to Managing Stress (3)

  1. Exercise: Studies show that exercise creates endorphins (so does spicy food and sex). These endorphins are released in your brain bringing a sense of pleasure, relaxation, and rejuvenation. 30 minutes to moderate exercise daily will do the trick.
  2. Rejuvenating Sleep: Remember that the height of your liver detoxification and cell reparation happens from 11P-4A every day. Optimize your sleep by creating a sleep routine that starts no later than 10P.
  3. Meditation, Prayer, Tai Chi, or some other spiritual practice: Slow down, breathe deeply, visualize, remain in the moment, exercise your brain's endurance to stay present.
  4. Eat whole foods with pleasure and gratitude: Just like stress, food is a necessary part of life, however, it can become toxic when your response to it is negative. Chew your food well, chew it slowly, if you can still recognize the food that is in your mouth by texture, then you have not chewed long enough. Chewing is the breakdown process that allows nutrients to transfer more effectively into your digestive tract.

Take a shower, jump in bed, cozy on up, and make some endorphins!

Have a happy and healthy day!


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Posted on Dec 10, 2014